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Basic Unix commands for server maintenance

Some of my websites hosted on a VPS started behaving erratically a few days back. WP based websites resulted in killed sessions. Magento ones simply stopped working prompting “500 Internal Server” error. Pinging server IP yielded desired results though. Static pages were also fine. Tech support guys of the server hosting company were clueless. Finally, […]

How Nitish government is usurping Hindu cremation lands in Bihar

There exists a Hindu cremation ground on the south edge of “Manharwa Pokhra”, a large pond in Jatwaliya village under PS Kundwa Chainpur, Dhaka Block in East Champaran district of Bihar. While the pond is a place of religious significance for Hindus in this area, the cremation ground has served as the only eternal resting […]

Nepal : The Hindu Kingdom Needs Our Support Not Sermons

Pashupatinath Mandir Kathmandu Nepal

Nestled in the rugged Himalayas, the mountain kingdom of Nepal could not seem to be more removed from current geopolitical concerns. Yet on its frozen mountains a revolutionary battle rages. For years, Maoist rebels have sought to establish a second totalitarian state, at the price of thousands killed and an entire nation left ravaged by […]